This is the Atlantic page, where you can find advisories and discussions on the current state of the Atlantic basin.


Atlantic Tropical Discussion Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Advisories Atlantic Invest Advisories AOI Discussions Long-Range Forecast
ATDS2010102323 SPECIAL! ATTC19-12 None AOI2010101623 None
Darren23 atomic7732 N/A Tornadoes2010 N/A

Product NotesEdit

ATDS - Tropical weather outlook and discussion
ATIV - Invest advsories
ATTC#-# - Tropical Cyclone Advisory, first number is cyclone number, second is advisory number. Technical information.
AOI - Area of special interest (tropical areas will be in ATDS)
LRF - Long-range Forecast for the Atlantic. (Includes images)

Notice: All products will be issued at around 0200Z, 0800Z, 1400Z and 2000Z with intermediates at 0500Z, 1100Z, 1700Z and 2300Z. If possible, a special advisory can be issued anytime.

Hurricane Warnings Hurricane Watches Tropical Storm Warnings Tropical Storm Watches
Intermediate Update Intermediate Update Inter/Full Advisory Full Advisory

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